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This is the second painting in the "Nature Speaks" Series. Inspired by the news in Denver in 1991. Cougars were living in the Foothills west of Denver, where the mountain lion has lived forever. Developers and people started moving in. Soon the mountain lion had no where to go. The people there were feeling like these animals were "moving in" on them when actually it was the other way around. These mountain lions began being shot out of fear.

This inspired the "Nature Speaks" series. I wanted to give nature a louder voice through my work. Here, a lone female wolf sadly watches as man moves in leaving no where for the wolf to go and disrupting the balance of nature. You can look into her tear filled eyes and see the reflection of who is really "moving in".

In the next painting in the series, you will see this wolf and the Black Wolf running "On the Borderline" of extinction or return. All the animals and spirits are watching to see what will happen to the wolf, because everything including man will be affected by the loss of the wolf, mountain lion or anything else. We need to wake up and realize that we are not separate from nature, we are all connected to each other and to the creatures of the earth. I pray that we will learn to keep the balance and live in harmoney with nature before it is too late.


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