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On The Borderline



This painting represents the crucial moments we are at, where our actions will have resounding and possibly permanent impacts on the world we live in now and for future generations. 
Here are the last two wolves in the Central Rocky Mountain range. They are running on the borderline between existence and extinction. They are continuing to face their biggest battle. Will they continue to live and be wild and free or will man continue to destroy the wolf, further disrupting the balance of nature? It's man's choice now, what are we going to choose? Bears, buffalo eagles and our ancestors that have gone before us are trying to get our attention to love and care for every creature on earth, respecting and knowing that everything has a purpose.

Nature does not need to be managed..... left alone it balances and regulates itself... as it is the Great Spirit's design.

This painting is the second in the five part series entitled "Nature Speaks and is preceded by "Last of the Pack and is followed in this series by "Return of the Pack" and "Wild and Free". 


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