Several years ago I had a dream about a wolf that was my constant companion, protector and teacher. After I awoke the next day I went into a store where they had a wolf on the end of a chain. She looked exactly like the wolf I had dreamed of.

They were getting ready to take her to the Humane Society. In Colorado, if a dog has any wolf in them rather than adopt them out they just put them to sleep. The next thing I knew Sheena (my new companion) and I were getting in the car together. After that I moved to Estes Park where I opened my first gallery on Riverside Drive.

Sheen a seemed to read my mind and be able to look right through people and see their soul. She had a lot to teach me. She showed me how important the balance of nature is and how left alone it does much better than when man interferes. She showed me how intelligent and loyal the wolf really is. She also showed me how naturally curious and gentle she could be even with something as delicate as a butterfly. We all have a lot to learn from the wolf!

There are three paintings in this series.


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